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Communication Platform

The Communication Platform is a set of tools to improve communication among those involved in the work of the „Partnership: Environment for Development” Network. The main functionality of the Communication Platform are working groups based on which the substantive work on the Platform is carried out. Each user has their own business card to share their contact details and other data (e.g. competences), useful for creating task groups.
The tools included in the Communication Platform enable:
  • organising the internal work of individual working groups (enable registering for meetings and browsing materials after meetings, and integrating the work calendar of the working group with the corporate calendar);
  • budgeting the work (Budget module);
  • group communication (Forum);
  • communication in online mode (Communicator);
  • communication in a form of videoconferencing (Videoconferencing system);
  • group work on documents (Document Editor module);
  • sharing information inside the Network in a form of a knowledge base (Knowledge Base module);
  • external communication with regard to incoming information (integration with ePUAP).
Only registered working group members have access to the Platform.


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