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ENEA-MA (European Network of Environmental Authorities - Managing Authorities) was formed in 2004 in order to facilitate the integration of environmental protection and sustainable development within the framework of EU regional policy, operational programmes adapted by the Member States and EU candidate countries.
The aim of the network is to enable and inspire knowledge and experiences exchange between the Member States and the institutions implementing EU funds. Moreover, it aims at integration of environmental activities within the consistency policy implemented in the EU states. Presently, ENEA is the network which gathers institution on the level of European Commission, however, the network has an ambition to expand its activities to national protection networks which are interested in development programmes. Furthermore, ENEA-MA attempts to encourage establishing such networks on the national level in the Member States.
Currently, the efficiently working networks are in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Greece.
An obligation to establish ENEA network in Poland was made during the negotiations on Operational Programme: Infrastructure and Environment at clear request from the EC. Setting up the network will contribute to the integration of environmental protection activities in all projects subsidized under  Infrastructure and Environment Programme and other programmes financed from EU funds.

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