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Chemical industry in the light of the latest BAT conclusions

​The latest BAT conclusions with regard to the chemical industry were the subject of a three-day meeting of the Working Group on Integrated Permits in Podkarpacie.

The visit was intended to become familiar, in theoretical terms, with the applicable regulations on the large-scale production of organic and inorganic chemistry, as well as, through meetings and interviews with employees of technology and environment protection departments at the establishments visited – to check the scope of their application in industrial installations.

The participants of the trip had an opportunity, inter alia, to become familiar with the activity of the Goodrich Aerospace establishment, whose products are used in the aerospace and aviation industries. The complexity of the production process is translated into the strict adherence to numerous European, American and corporate environmental standards. The establishment also has a number of relevant permits for pursuing this particular type of activity. On the other hand, a visit to Sanok Rubber Company showed the rules of safe operation of the establishment through the territory of which the significant tributary of the Vistula River, i.e. San River, is flowing. At Orion EC, the participants of the meeting could get acquainted with the problems of operation of the establishment located on land, which for almost a hundred years has been exposed to contamination with crude oil compounds.

The conclusions of these meetings and the experience gained will be used by the participants in the visit in their professional work, both at the marshal’s offices and at the regional directorates for environmental protection.

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