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Objectives of the Network
The main objectives of setting up the network in Poland are:
  • working out the guidelines and methodologies to integrate the subject of environmental protection into the programmes and actions co-financed by the EU funds;
  • exchange of information and the use of the European Union member states' knowledge in order to introduce an innovative approach to integrating environmental aspects into the programmes and actions co-financed by the EU funds;
  • dissemination of all the necessary information among beneficiaries, local governments and other institutions involved in implementation of the operational programmes
  • dissemination of knowledge about the European Union and national environmental protection legislation;
  • creating a forum for cooperation between authorities responsible for environmental protection and management of the European Union funds at various administrative levels for the integration of environmental aspects in the preparation, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the operational programmes co-financed by the European Union funds;
  • promoting of the European Union policies in the area of environmental protection, climate change and Cohesion Policy;
  • exchange of knowledge, opinions, experiences and good practices between the entities which constitute the national network;
  • strengthening the relations between the authorities responsible for the realization of environmental protection measures;

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